The Cons (and Some Pros) about Renting Private Storage Facilities for Collections

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Many people like to keep their collection stored at a storage facility to save room at home. You can rent a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units at a reasonable cost. Search for a storage facility in your area by going online. There are many national companies that offer promotions and discounts on your first month’s rent. You can pay for your unit online with a debit or credit card each month. You can secure your unit with a Read the rest of this entry »

Have You Thought About Using a Safety Deposit Box to Store Your Valuable Collection?

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Safety deposit boxes are similar to miniature safes located inside a bank. Most people use these boxes to store jewelry, paperwork or valuable collections, but you can store anything inside the box. If the box is in your name only, you are the only person who can access it unless you give someone a power of attorney.

Renting a box has several benefits, including the following:

Safety. The contents inside the box are protected against flood, fire and other natural disasters.

Cost effective. Renting a safe deposit box is a cost effective way to store your valuables. Read the rest of this entry »

Have Your Collection Appraised by the Professionals

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Having a collection of any type professionally appraised is a sound idea. Whether its firearms, coins, stamps, dolls or any other type of collectible, knowing the actual market worth of it is a valuable asset. This information can help point you as a collector in the right direction when deciding what to do with your collection.

Is it real?
Unfortunate as it is, some people will misrepresent what they are selling to collectors. Finding out the coin you spent several hundred dollars on or the antique that’s been passed down for generations isn’t genuine is a Read the rest of this entry »

Toys, Comics and Games: The Nerds Guide to Collecting

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Few hobbies are as rewarding and complex as building one-of-a-kind collections with toys, comics, games, and other similar items. Not only can this hobby last throughout one’s lifetime, it can also be a great way to invest money and preserve history for future generations. For anyone that has already built their collection or looking to start soon, here is a closer look at a few considerations to make in order to keep these possessions as safe and valuable as possible.

Research is always the key when it comes to Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Way to Keep Your Collection Safe

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The Best Way To Keep Your Collection Safe

A Few Useful Tips
Every collection needs adequate security. This is the most important element in order to keep your prized possession safe. In this sense, you should consider keeping your collection in storage or in a fireproof container. Essentially, this depends on the type of collection you have. However, all flammable items should be kept in a fireproof storage unit.

How To Maintain Your CollectionRead the rest of this entry »